First in the “Bug’s Adventure Series” is the short book “Bug’s Trip To The Store.” The book, like the series, tells the tale of Bug, a yellow Volkswagen, in his various exploits. In this case, Bug is going to the store and for good reason.


Bug has figured out that he feels out-of-sorts and that is because he needs gasoline. It is a long way to get to get gas, so he sets out being sure to obey the traffic lights and road safety rules. Along the way, he focuses on dealing with road obstacles, other traffic, and getting rid of his fear.


Despite the pressure from a semi on the interstate and other issues, Bug conquers all and safely makes it to the store. He gets his much needed gas and makes the return trip home while contemplating how he overcame all obstacles and did not let fear get in his way.


Persistence no matter how scary is the main theme of this charming book. Geared towards readers ages 4-8 it tells the tale nicely through the form of rhymes and lots of imagery featuring bright colors and details in a cartoonish format that kids will relate well to regardless of their reading ability. While some beginning readers may struggle with the word choices at times, the book is cheerful and colorful and should hold their interest while providing a nice core message that can be reinforced by adults in their lives. Unlike many children’s books that come out these days, there is nothing in this book that can be taken one way by kids and another by adults.

Simply a delight, this book and the three book series (includes Bug Meets His Friend and Bug Goes Through The Maze) just make reading fun no matter what the age of the reader.


Bug’s Trip To The Store

K. M. Groshek

Creatively Canny


ISBN# 978-0-9843521-3-5


34 Pages



Paperback version supplied by the author in exchange for my objective review.


Kevin R. Tipple © 2011


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