Wisconsin resident K. M. Groshek has created another charming book with “Bug Meets His Friend.” This is another book in the “Bug’s Adventure Series” aimed at young readers ages 4-8. Like in the series as a whole, this book chronicles the continuing adventures of Bug, an energetic and adventurous Volkswagen.  This day he has narrowed down his choices for what to do. He is either going to go to the park to play on the playground or he is going to go over to a local track and race around it. Both are good choices and before he can decide, he is joined by his best friend, Cooper, a blue car.


They discuss it and settle on going to the track. Not only is there snow on the area streets tanks to a recent snowfall, there is now on the track and they will be the first to be on it. Before long, as they gain confidence, they soon are speeding around the track. The hours pass and they have a blast going around again and again.


They spend the day and as the sun sets, turn and head back home having had a very good day. Once at bug’s they say their good byes and Cooper heads home. This gives Bug a couple of pages to sum up their day and reflect on the ability to have fun by yourself or with others.


Published by Creatively Cranny, the 40 plus page paperback book tells a charming story and is nicely illustrated. While the word choice may present a little difficulty for beginning readers, the rhyme scheme works well and is not forced. The story flows well in a logical way and the illustrations courtesy of the author are a nice touch. This quick and fun to read book should provide pleasurable reading not just for young readers but the adults working with them. Other titles in the series are Bug Goes To the Store and Bug Goes Through The Maze.


Bug Meets His Friend

K. M. Groshek


Creatively Canny



ISBN# 978-0-98435211


40 Pages




Material supplied by the author in exchange for my objective review.


Kevin R. Tipple ©2011

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