Part of the “Bug’s Adventure Series” written by K. M. Groshek, “Bug Goes Through the Maze” is exactly as advertised. This series and this book are about the adventures of Bug, a yellow Volkswagen. A corn maze and the delights it could hold serve as a back drop for this book. After passing the maze day after day, Bug decides to stop one day and see what it is about. He is welcomed by a pumpkin who tells him to just go on in. Though a little worried about which way to start, he musters his courage and rolls on into the maze.


Soon he meets a pink flower that explains the difference between a maze and a labyrinth. Bug moves on exploring and in so doing meets a lost scarecrow and works the maze. After a while he makes it through and contemplates how it is a good idea to “have confidence and faith in what you decide.” (Page 33)


Trying new things and meeting new people is the theme in this cleverly done children’s book. Part of the “Bug’s Adventure Series” aimed at readers age 4-8, the book is very colorful and features large type to help young readers. While some may struggle with the word choices made in some of the rhyme text, the book is a delight to work with and hold their interest. The illustrations by the author are very colorful and are a very nice touch especially for young readers.

Other books in this series which can be read in any order are Bug’s trip To the Store and Bug Meets His Friend. Sure to delight kids and the adults that work with them, these books are definitely good ones to have and are well worthy of your consideration.


Bug Goes Through The Maze

K. M. Groshek

Creatively Canny


ISBN# 978-0-9843521-2-8


42 Pages



Material supplied by the author in exchange for my objective review.

Kevin R. Tipple © 2011


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