Chalk another one up on the list of “things our mothers and grandmothers knew, which are now confirmed with extensive research”. Doctors Urge More Playtime for Children It’s always a pleasure to have intuition and/or common sense confirmed.

Parents who remembered having great chunks of unscheduled time to themselves when they themselves were children have been lamenting the busy lives of our children (as well as the chauffer-duty involved in getting them hither and yon) for quite some time now. My own child was not one of those terribly over-scheduled moppets, but she have day-care, pre-school and holiday summer day camp. The one characteristic that stood out for me was her inability to amuse herself for hours on end, and my sister and brothers and I had to do. She was very social, very well-behaved, and well-adjusted, but she had never had to go into her room, or out in the yard and create her own fun. She had a distinct tendency to look to any adult responsible for her to provide the amusement, and still today looks more towards television to pass the time.

Still, what old truism will turn out next to have a valid foundation? My money is on “eating dinner with the family really does foster close families.” I’ll work on this myself, if I could get the grant money!

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