Children of the Night

Madsen Pirie, the bow-tie attired director of London’s Adam Smith Institute, has lent his mind to something different from his normal efforts on behalf of freedom and markets. He has turned his hand to science fiction. And surprisingly there is not a hint of any sort of politics merely a good yarn in an alternate earth with science and lots of adventure.

The novel is aimed at young adults, inotherwords there is no sex or swearing to distract from the action, which is not always a bad thing. This is especially the case as this book is a novella at only 165 pages. The beauty of novellas is that there is no fluff or padding. This is a tight SF/fantasy novel that never wallows or drags. Its action straight through. Its the perfect novel for that flight or commute you have to take.

There are hints of Fritz Leiber in this novel. Murder, a telekinetic rat, mechanical butterflys and conspiracy all add up to quite a nice read. Rarely, if ever, is a new fiction author’s work so good. Kudos to Pirie for producing such an enjoyable novella. Highly recommended for both you and old, genre fan or not.

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