A three year old was taken to the wrong daycare center in Lexington, Kentucky Monday, which ended up being vacant. The bus driver, who dropped the child off had been taking the child to the right daycare center for the past two weeks the mother said. The daycare has been closed for two weeks. The child was knocking on the door of the daycare trying to get in. Another bus driver spotted the child and took him to the correct daycare. The bus driver was suspended and the monitor was relieved of their duties as a monitor.

There is an investigation taking place now. The school system superintendent said the driver was very competent and that everyone makes mistakes. The school system is changing its policies and procedures to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. The mother of the child wants the bus driver and the moniter to be fired, she says she never wants a parent to feel this way again. The child had trouble saying his own name and has hearing trouble as well. The monitor is supposed to lead the children out of the bus. The parent and daycare director is wondering how the child got off the bus with no one noticing.

A full version of the story can be found at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20919701/.

Micah would never let this happen.

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