I was reading a few articles today online and even though I have been writing about missing children for a little over 6 years, I am still amazed at how much of it goes on right here in our own country.

Just today I read about several different cases, but this is just for today. This kind of stuff is happening to the children in this country all the time, not just today or yesterday.

One case is about a 22 year old man from West Virginia. He has been charged with abusing his 3 year old son so bad that the child died on New Year’s Day. The country prosecutor, Pamela Games-Neely said this child was the most abused child that they ever seen in the system. She said that this is the most malicious thing she has seen in a very long time. The father, James N. Mauldin was convicted in March of a plethora of charges including death of a child by parent by child abuse, child abuse causing serious bodily injury, malicious assault, presentation of false information regarding a child’s injuries and two counts of gross child neglect creating risk of serious bodily injury.

Mauldin is accused of causing a fractured skull, brain bleeds and severe burns. Mauldin’s 25 year old girlfriend, Jasmine Dawkins was also convicted separately of two felony counts of gross child neglect creating substantial risk of serious bodily injury and one count of presentation of false information of a child’s injuries to medical personnel.

Dawkins was sentenced to three to eleven years in prison and Mauldin was sentenced to 40 years in prison. I think they should have both been given life in prison without the benefit of parole. Neither of them deserves to be free to roam the streets again after what they did to this child.

Another case was about a former NFL MVP and Minnesota Vikings running back, Adrian Peterson, who smiled as they took his mugshot. He was booked on charges of causing serious bodily injury to a child. The reports say he was indicted for injury to a child. The claim is that Peterson took a tree branch to his 4 year old son after the child pushed one of Peterson’s other children.

The results of this so called “whooping” resulted in multiple injuries to the boy’s back, buttocks, legs and scrotum as well as defensive wounds on the child’s hands. Peterson actually thinks he didn’t do anything wrong saying that was how he was raised. Although he admitted to using the tree branch on the boy, he denied using a cord on the boy. He says he’d never hit his child with an extension cord, but the doctors say that they found injuries consistent with another incident involving a “cord”.

The child’s version though was different. He told the police “Daddy Peterson hit me on my face.” He also said “there are a lot of belts in daddy’s closet.” He said that Peterson likes belts and switches and he has a whooping room.

Another case was of a man from New Hampshire that was sentenced to 67 years in prison for torturing his girlfriend’s 3 year old son. 28 year old Roland Dow of Plaistow, NH was convicted of burning, blinding and torturing 3 year old James Nicholson.

In June, Dow was convicted of assaulting the child, failing to get him medical treatment, coaching him to lie to social workers and illegally recording a social worker visit. The boy’s mother, Jessica Linscott was also charged in the case. She pleaded guilty to child endangerment and witness tampering and she was sentenced to two to seven years in prison.

Judge Marguerite Wageling said that this little boy was treated like a caged animal. Thank the good Lord that this child survived his torture. He is now 5 years old and he is living with his grandmother but he still wonders why Roland hurt him all the time. That brings tears to my eyes.

I am sorry but there is nothing a small child can do to deserve that kind of punishment. They are too innocent. Just because they don’t do what you tell them to do doesn’t give you the right to abuse them. A child that age doesn’t understand rules or obedience. They have to be taught and not by abusing them.

I could write a book on all the cases out there involving abused children. Some survive by the grace of God and others aren’t so lucky. I just don’t get it. How can anyone do harm to an innocent child? What in the world can we do to stop this act in our country to save these children? The children are this country’s future.

I pray that one day it will all stop. God bless all the children of the world!

Jan Barrett

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