In an almost unbelievable story it is being reported that Cuffe Math and Science Academy (8324 S. Racine) teacher, Regina Shields, maintains a policy whereby her students are permitted to use the bathroom only once per day. Furthermore they are not allowed any drink breaks at all (except during lunch break).

This sounds slightly draconian in this day and age, in fact it sounds pretty draconian in any age!

In a suit filed in Federal Court, attorney Blake Horwitz contends that two seventh graders, Seneca Ammons and Keefe Ammons were suspended for a day because of an urgent need to use the bathroom.

It was many years ago that I was in seventh grade, but I don’t think that I would have been happy studying under these circumstances.

The lawsuit, which has been filed in federal court, aims to stop school officials from enforcing a rule whereby students are permitted to use the bathroom only once per day and have a drink only during their lunch break. “The denial of washroom and water breaks at Cuffe are humiliating and deny students basic rights — rights that are not taken away from prisoners, jailed for serious crimes” says Attorney Blake Horwitz.

While I am not sure that this requires a Class Action Law Suit, it certainly does require some serious investigation.

If these allegations are true Regina Shields requires some serious help. She will at the very least need some help with her resume, because I doubt that she will be picking up another teaching gig anytime soon!

Simon Barrett

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