Once again the experts are shocked. The arrest of Illinois Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich is the latest cause for their bewilderment.

Such notable experts include Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, Mayor Richard Daley, the editorial staff of both the Chicago Tribune and Sun Times, Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., and of coarse the new president.  All of which have expressed shock and surprise as the fifth Illinois governor is charged with corruption.

Give me a flippin break!

Anyone that has lived in Illinois for any length of time is aware of the corruption that is endemic to the state.  To be shocked and surprised as another Illinois politician is hauled away to jail is absurd.

The shock and surprise expressed by these experts can be likened to that of a child caught with his hand in the proverbial “cookie jar”.  They are in no way concerned that the cookies are missing or that they have a hand full; they are just concerned that they got caught.  This was not supposed to happen, especially not now – wait until after January 20th.

We have all seen as Democrats close ranks to protect one of their own.  Not so in this case; poor old Blago will be thrown under the bus so fast you would think that maybe  . . . the presidency depended on it.

Say it isn’t so.

Our new president would no way be involved in the corruption that is the foundation of Illinois politics.  So what if he was one of the strongest supporters of Rod Blagojevich in his run for the governorship, “He was just a governor you happened to live in the neighborhood”.  And let’s not look to close at his political mentor “Emil Jones”.

I could go on and on with this . . .

But for now just be aware that some of the names that will make headline news over the next few days will be new to the national scene, but you can bet they are all well known to Illinois residents.  And as this story unfolds you are going to witness the Chicago Machine at its best.  The shell game that will be played in order to protect the Machine’s New President will be a sight to behold.


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