On Tuesday, an International Olympic Committee member visited Chicago to prepare for the world boxing championships to be held at the University of Illinois from October 17 to November 1. This is a worldwide event featuring 500 boxers. Chicago hopes to gain international support from the world in hopes of winning the spot for the 2016 Olympic Games for which it is currently in the running for. Right now, the entire country is rooting for Chicago as it is the only U.S. city in the running. The finalists will be selected in June 2008, and the Olympic committee will select the official city in October 2009.

Chicago has already begun preparations as if they have won the spot. For one, they have designed a first draft of their Olympic logo, although the design was not accepted by the International Olympic Committee, and the city was told to redesign it. The main reason it was nixed was because it featured a torch to represent Lake Michigan, the parks, and the city’s skyline, it’s three major attributes. However, Olympic rules state that no characteristics of an Olympic logo may contain any Olympic symbols, motto, flag, or other imagery, such as a torch. A spokesman for the Chicago Olympic Committee claimed that they understood the rules, and the Chicago Sun Times is asking citizens for logo suggestions on their website. Like the boxing match, the initial logo was just a design to get Chicago citizens excited about the possibility of hosting the Olympics in their city. Even if the logo had been accepted, it would need to be redesigned in 2009 if the city was to win the spot for the Olympics. Until then, the city can keep itself occupied designing a new logo and preparing for the World Boxing Championship.

If you have a Chicago logo design in mind, e-mail the Sun Times at at olympiclogo@suntimes.com or visit www.usatoday.com to read more about the World Boxing Championships.

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