A two day suspension of the world chess championships between Russia’s Vladimir Kramnik and Bulgarian Veselin Topalov came to end this week and play was resumed between the two grand masters. The reason for the two day suspension was a fight between the two competitors about toilet breaks. The suspension occurred before the start of the 6th round out of 12 when Krammnik demanded that one game that he had forfeited earlier in the tournament be scrapped from the records after he insists his opponent cheated by visiting the bathroom too many times during the game. The toilet is the only place where players are not under close video surveillance but Topalov suffers from an arthritis condition that makes it painful for him to sit down for long periods of time. He visited the bathroom 50 times within the one match. Finally after two days of deliberation, a truce was brokered by Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, World Chess Federation president and head of the south Russian republic Kalmykia hosting the match, who had to interrupt a meeting with Boris Yeltsin to deal with the situation that had arisen.

Grandmasters push toilet row aside to play chess (Reuters)

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