Well no one can ever accuse the security at Nashville’s Tootisies Orchid Lounge of not being on top of things.

Fox News.com reports that the well known Cher was at the lounge in Nashville with friends when 36 year old Calvin Hufton Houghland apparently tried to get her attention early Wednesday morning. The manager of the lounge politely asked the man to leave when he was noticed.

The man didn’t give any problems and left without arguing but later he decided to come back only this time he reached out through the roped off area that she was in and grabbed Cher by the waist which caused him to get escorted out once again.

Now you would think the man would know by now that he wouldn’t be allowed to get close to her. Well not so in this case. Houghland returned yet again for a third time but he approached her this time in a more aggressive manner causing security to grab him after they blocked him from Cher.
The man then called 911 and complained saying he was assaulted at the lounge. When the police got there they could clearly see that he was the problem, not the security in the lounge. Cher refused to press harassment charges on him but the man, who had been drinking and failed a self requested field sobriety test, asked the police, himself to arrest him. He was taken to jail and charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication and his bond was set at $3000.

Jan Barrett

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