Cheney Launches Iraqi Civil War?

It is hard to believe that V.P. Cheney’s just completed tour of the Middle East was not involved either in launching the attack on Basra or in encouraging it with promised U.S. air support.

The results so far look to be disastrous the truce with the Mahdi army is now null and void. Iraq’s three largest cities — Baghdad, Basra, and Kut are battle grounds. The breakdown in the south also imperils the major route into Iraq for our troops and their supplies. The effects of the surge have been nullified. Maliki, a shaky national leader at best, is now apparently on the run. The bombings from on high by American rockets are by necessity indiscriminate and causing both civilian deaths and destruction of property. Presumably oil production mainly in the south will be disrupted along with other basic supply services of water and electricity.

It, indeed, looks as though our principal neocon has pulled the trigger once again with deadly consequences. Why should he do this? The answer is obvious. The principal figure demanding our exit from Iraq is Moktada al-Sadr. And the neocons are determined to maintain Iraq as our principal military base in the Middle East. We have been building a massive and vastly expensive new embassy base in Baghdad for that purpose.

One wonders whether Cheney has it all together. His fellow neocons have fled the scene — some in disgrace (Wolfowitz, Perle, Fife, et al). Cheney feels that time is running out for his continuing dominance of the Bush administration. He sees no loss in a chaotic Iraq. Either a McCain will have to hold to his occupation scheme or Democrats determined to end the mess will have an even more difficult time extracting us from the mess. I suspect that this last gasp neocon disaster will cost McCain any serious chance to get elected. He has committed himself to maintaining our dominance in Iraq indefinitely and both the American economy and our military in general are now too stressed to carry out this nihilistic mission.

Perhaps others are pointing out the Cheney connection here. I have not seen it yet. Our media are practically brain washed to get along go along with our myopic military approach to Iraq. I find my sources on npr which in turn plays out the BBC information which usually runs a day or more ahead of our media in reporting such things.

At least the NY Times thing below gets part of the story today — except they seem unable to count the number of major Iraqi cities in chaos — three not two — as the substance of the article reports.


Iraqi Army’s Assault on Militias in Basra Stalls
Fighting in two of Iraq’s largest cities threatens to
destabilize a long-term truce that had helped reduce the
level of violence in the five-year-old war.

“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

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