FirstIt’s summer time which means the Wednesday night concerts at Chene Park. This week featured artists were Norman Brown & Richard Elliot.  The Show opened up with T-Money Green & Road Work with there unique sound as the audience trickled in. I use the word trickled as an understatement the title of the tour is “Summer Storm ” and the weather lived up to the title but all was clear by the time the headliners hit the stage Richard Elliot & Norman Brown started off together these men have known each other for 25 years and have never toured together till now. Richard Elliot has been referred to as the “James Brown” of smooth jazz now that iSeconds a major comparison when you think about it. I have to admit on stage this man is the energizer bunny. Belting out soulful sounds He and Norman Brown did a few numbers together during his set. The kicker for me was when Mr. Elliot tackled “Round Midnight” he gave it the energy and the vibrancy that the song truly deserves this man got a standing ovation after his performance. Now Norman Brown set was phenomenal to say the least he played his classic “That’s The Way Love Goes” but he also showed his chop’s on the guitar. What is was really interesting is that Mr. Brown has his daughter sing background vocals with him on tour he said “ever since she was a little girl she always wanted to go on tour with me ok baby sing for me she did” did I mention she is a graduate of Berkley School of music. Mr. Brown iThirds currently in the writing stages to of his next CD which means more good music is on the way! If you haven’t gone to Chene Park for the Wednesday night concert series you are missing a true musical event.

By: Norvell Molex Jr. The Jazz Suite Podcast & Gospel Jazz Podcast Getting it in Soul Treasures From Grandpas Attic The Chris Kelly Show 

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