Royal Love Goes Down the Drain

As if the Brits didn’t have enough to worry about: terrorism, the latest multicultural or Political Correctness regulation and higher taxes. Now comes the news that Prince Harry and his main squeeze, Chelsy Davy, have split.

From the picture, Davy appears to be quite the winsome lass. But Harry’s a man with a plan: he’s young, a Royal and photogenic.

Doesn’t is seem like Royal couples are splitting up more these days? Is it a reflection of the trends in society at large? Or just a perception?

More on one more split among Royals from CNN:

Prince Harry and his Zimbabwean-born girlfriend have ended their three-year romance, a newspaper reported Sunday.

The News of the World said Chelsy Davy — who has been studying at a college in England while dating the prince — broke off the relationship this week.

She reportedly lost patience with his playboy lifestyle and lack of commitment to her.

Clarence House, where Prince Harry lives with his father Prince Charles and his brother Prince William, declined to confirm the report, saying it doesn’t comment about the royals’ private lives.

Prince Harry, 21, graduated this year from Britain’s elite Sandhust military academy after training to become an army officer.

Who split with who?

Depends on who you ask.

Looking around at those who reported the split, there were  few who thought Harry did the splitting.

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Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry Split Up 


Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry Split Up 


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