I am enjoying this epicurean adventure, the world of cheese is a fascinating place. So many cheeses, however so little people seem to know about them. Kraft Singles and Velveeta are not cheese, they do not meet the legal standards, they are ‘processed cheese products’, whatever that might mean.

I have talked about Danish Blue and one of its cousins before, you can read my review here. There are people that view Stilton and Danish Blue as the same thing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Stilton is the majestic cheese with a long lineage, Danish Blue is the young upstart, barely 100 years old. Stilton on the other hand has been around since sometime in the 1720’s. To label a cheese as stilton it must be made in one of three counties in England, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Nottinghamshire and made according to a strict code. There is no Stilton from Wisconsin.

Stilton is a snobby cheese, one that you will not find in your local mega mart, but one that is well worth the effort of seeking out. Taste wise it is far more complex than Danish Blue. The older it gets the creamier the taste and texture.

For this taste treat I selected bread over crackers. Stilton is a noble cheese, one that should be challenged by its environment. I used a fresh baked Italian loaf with hints of garlic and herbs on the crust. The other component was butter. If you are going to eat a noble cheese, never, never, skimp on the butter.

itallian bread


blue stilton

The end result was outstanding. The cheese had been aged, and it had aged for a couple more months by me. If you are a cheese lover, I can recommend Stilton.

I did some online research and apparently Stilton can be used in cooking. Personally I could never condone such an act of disrespect to such a noble cheese. Mac and Stilton anyone? The cheese came from iGormet and worth it!

Simon Barrett


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