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There are many fine versions of Blue Cheese, the French have Roquefort, and the brits have Stilton. Both are excellent, but I have to admit that I rather like the products produced in Denmark Although Danish Blue is a relative newcomer to the world of Blue Cheese, oh, by newcomer, they only have a hundred years of experience at making it. I really like it.

Apparently Denmark’s entry into the Blue cheese business was started by Danish cheesemaker Marius Boel. In a strange way Marius changed the Blue Cheese world forever. If you go to your regular supermarket (Winn Dixie) you will find no Stilton or Roqefort, but you will find Danish Blue from Wisconsin. I have to admit that it is not a bad take off, much better than some of the other products on sale, but it is not the same as the real thing.

In my recent cheese hamper I found two cheeses that are similar but very different, A crumbly Danish Blue

and a Black Castello.

Two cheeses with a common heritage yet so different. Crackers were needed, blue cheese and bread (part 2) just do not go together. In an ideal world I would have selected Lurpak as the butter, but I opted to use some French butter Burre D’Isigny.

Well I have a theory, if you are going to be snobby about the darn cheese, you have every right to be snobby about the crackers and butter.

The Danish Blue was exactly what I had expected. It was great, it worked exactly the way I had anticipated. It was rich, and it beat the pants off anything out of Wisconsin. Denmark and Simon 1, Wisconsin 0.

Next up was the Black Castello. This was a cheese that was a new one on me. I have been playing with it for a couple of weeks. All of the cheeses arrived in vacuum packed bags that NASA probably created. The first taste of Black Castello left me wondering, “how is this any different from every other Blue Cheese I have ever tasted”?

Ah, well once the cheese is released from the NASA wrapper it starts to really get some taste. Two weeks into the taste test this is the best cheese I have tasted in a very long time. Exposed to air and whatever lives in our refrigerator this cheese has become a creamy crumbly assault on the taste buds.

If you have the chance to sample some Black Castello do it! But be warned, it is not a beginners cheese. Like a really good red wine, it is big, bold, and memorable, a little goes a long way.

It is not a cheese designed for cooking with (it is far too good), however I really think that if married with butter, shallots and garlic it would make a superb sauce to top a grilled steak with.

All products mentioned were purchased from iGourmet.com (not by me) I don’t wish to give the impression that this is an endorsement, buy your cheese wherever you like, but for the best experience buy good cheese. Better still buy cheese you like. If Velveeta and Kraft Singles are your thing, that is just fine!

Simon Barrett

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