Due to a complete inability by AT&T to move services to our new location, my wife and I were forced to seek a different carrier. Charter seemed the path of least resistance. The house had an existing Cable TV account, our request was for two additional TV boxes, Internet and Phone.

A few days later the Charter truck pulled into the driveway. After a couple of hours of drilling, banging and general stupidity we had the internet running. No phone service or TV though. Apparently Phone service was not available in our area. This makes no sense to me as it is a standard VOIP (voice over I.P.), Magic Jack, SKYPE, or any of the dozens of off the shelf products would have worked just fine.

The two additional TV boxes could not be installed until the Internet was running (which by this time it was) and we would need to place another service call. We did!

A couple of days later another Charter TV truck arrived. After some more banging hammering and drilling, the two additional TV boxes were installed. This resulted in the TV located in the master bedroom ceasing to work at all, and the particular channel my father in law was watching in the living room being disabled. After another hour of fiddling and changing stuff the problem was resolved, just in time for my father in law to miss the end of the movie he had been watching.

After a couple of days, calm and tranquility returned. I even discover a reason to forgive Charter. As we had both TV and Internet with them, I could watch TV on my Laptop outside. I could have CNN on while working. This made me a happy camper.

The honeymoon period was short. My question is, how come I can watch Netflix, Acorn TV, YouTube, etc for as long as I want, but Charter breaks up, drops signal, buffers, and stops after a couple of minutes?

This is Net Neutrality in reverse, the enemy services work great, but the service that we pay big dollars for has the reliability of a 1960’s british sports car.

Simon Barrett

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