Times have changed in the travel industry. For today’s traveler seeking an exceptional blend of comfort and style, the idea of finding such qualities at an airport is laughable. In fact, the quality of air travel has deteriorated so badly that a Passengers Bill of Rights is moving through Congress, in hopes of securing the meeting of the most basic needs of a traveler. The glory days of air travel are over. Those seeking comfort and style in travel today are increasingly turning to charter bus travel.

While those early images of luxurious air travel, recorded in history by photos of smiling passengers in comfortable seats, enjoying fine meals and friendly service, have faded into the dark recesses of cultural memory, the charter bus travel experience has been evolving. Providing detailed information about the various charter bus rental options, right down to diagrams and floor plans, as well as a broad range of specialized amenities, numerous websites, such as BusBank.com, are making it easy to see just how much charter bus travel has changed.

Whether considering business travel to busy, traffic filled cities like Washington, DC, or Houston, or thinking about a pleasure trip to such popular destinations as New York City or Las Vegas, the charter bus rental companies of today have the experience and expertise, as well as the extra services, to help make the event a success. Smooth and professional event logistics teams are often available to assist in the planning of events, whether small, local affairs or those in which thousands of people with multiple pick up and drop off points are involved.

There are several charter bus options and amenities that can be chosen from for both business and pleasure travel. Styles of charter bus include trolley and double decker styles, great for pleasure traveling and sightseeing, the entertainer/sleeper coach, which offers such amenities as sleeping for 9 to 12 people, as well as a shower and kitchen, and the deluxe motor coach and the executive coach, both of which have a variety of amenity options available. There is even catering available and specialized business promotion options, such as corporate marketing plans that include a bus wrap with your company logo.

Think outside the airline, avoid the take your shoes off line, and skip the special attention search lottery. Traveling by charter bus can be a great way to enjoy the comfort and luxury that once used to define the air travel experience. Consider the advantages and pleasures of charter bus travel and make your next business or pleasure trip a memorable one for all the right reasons.

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