While pundits and bloggers debate Senator Obama’s speech, it was the AP dispatch by Charles Babington that caught my attention. Thank God for the Internet and resources like Blogger news network, I guess the time when you could depend on an AP dispatch to express dispassionate fact with little color untainted by a correspondents personal bias is no more.

Whether it was the corrupting influence of media baron Sir Rupert Murdoch and other ultra conservatives or simply a desire to remain relevant in a changing media market.  the AP seems destined to share the fate of the once prestigious U.P.I,  which became a joke after its purchase by the cult leader Sung Jung Moon .

Tonight’s political analysis by Babington was biased and violated the cardinal sin of Journalistic integrity. It offered fiction as fact and distorted truth to suite the writers view. 

The A.P. is currently a non-profit collective originally intended to allow small and medium sized media markets access to National and international news coverage. Before the Internet and technology made global communication possible with a smart phone, Editors were dependent on the UPI and AP wire services, The UPI’s reputation evaporated overnight, and I speculate by this time next year the AP will have about the same degree of credibility as Reverend Moons UPI.

Because the AP will not permit me to re-post Babintons article on BNN you are invited to read its distortions here  

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