Upon hearing of the brutal and senseless murder of Kate Steinle in the sanctuary city of San Francisco earlier this month, I thought about this article I authored/published on May 26th, 2007. This sort of blood letting from innocent US citizens is nothing new. And its not to be blamed solely on Obama and the democrats, although they’ve accelerated the process tremendously. And on purpose. But there’s plenty of blame to spread around. The Bush/Rove team sat aloof and indifferent for 8 years while millions crossed the border illegally. All to please those that had provided them with streams of revenue. The US Chamber of Commerce, et al. Cheap labor addicts. The politicians in both parties should all hang their heads in shame. Please read. Some of the hyperlinks might not be current but you’ll get the gist and you’ll see that Donald Trump is — spot on!

Chaos In Our Fair City – 5/26/07

This past April 24th results of a UPI/Zogby Poll were released of 5932 U.S. residents. Now these were not registered voters as I understand it. But residents. And even with that almost 60% stated that they want existing Immigration Laws enforced instead of the path to citizenship mumbo-jumbo that President Bush and the Democrats are trying to force upon these “residents”. One can’t help but wonder what the results would have been had the Poll been taken of 5932 registered voters. Citizens. I have to believe it would be in the 80% range who want to see the borders sealed, deportation of illegals and prosecution of employers who employ them.
Couldn’t UPI/Zogby also poll about legal immigrants who cause trouble and/or break the law, too? Like Virginia Tech mass murderer Sueng-Hui Cho? Who was picked up in December 05 and brought before a Virginia District Court for stalking. At which time a psychiatrist pronounced him a danger to himself and others. Wouldn’t most folks support the concept that Cho should have lost his Green Card status and been put on the next plane back to S. Korea? Certainly there must be some immigration law or ICE regulation that would protect U.S. citizens from the criminally insane? A concept like this is a no brainer to common sense Middle Americans.
But not to the local, state and federal authorities. They could care less if we or our families are safe. They’ve lost sight of that province of responsibility long ago. After all, their families are safe within the gated communities they live in. Their offices have around-the-clock security. Everywhere they go they are protected. Why should they lose sleep over what’s happening out on our streets?
No place better to demonstrate this than here in my home town of Houston, Texas. Just in the last couple of weeks we’ve had 2 major, right-out-in-the-open gun battles involving Hispanic human smuggling gangs and MS-13. One was in broad daylight, at the noon hour on a busy freeway intersection. Many passing cars reported bullet holes. Fortunately only one person was killed in that incident. There were 2 wounded in the 2nd incident. We count ourselves fortunate if the body count is that low.
And then back on March 28th we were entertained by the news broadcasts of an horrific automobile accident where a Mother, her Daughter (pregnant) and unborn Grandchild were all killed when a drunken illegal alien, who’d been picked up and released 3 times prior for DUI, plowed into their vehicle. Coulda’ been worse, huh? We shouldn’t be troubled over something like this, should we?
Then March 3rd, kind of a funny story. In a typical Houston neighborhood Police found 67 illegals forced into one small house! Ha Ha! Imagine that being in your neighborhood. Kinda’ reminds one of the old circus trick where dozens of clowns get out of a tiny car doesn’t it? Nothing serious though. No one was killed at least. However, there were women and children being forced to stay in that squalid little house until those pesky human smugglers could find a place to market their herd of humans. But, again, something like this shouldn’t cause us to be upset. Agreed?
Now here’s one that will really cause you to develop a twitch. On January 30th HPD picked up Adalin Zelaya-Zelaya. A notorious member/leader of the MS-13 gang. And 5 of his MS-13 “friends”. Here’s the funny part, they were living in a peaceful little apartment complex in the west Houston area. Ha! Right in amongst families, etc. Not only is Zelaya-Zelaya (ZZ we’ll call him) wanted for a whole slew of crimes here in the Houston area but he is also wanted in his home country of Honduras. Where last Christmas ZZ got into a squabble with his in-laws. Well apparently the in-laws kind of lost their heads. Literally. ZZ chopped off both of their heads. No joke. Merry Christmas Mom and Pop! And Honduran authorities say he was involved in a 2004 incident where they believe he pulled out his machine gun and riddled a public bus killing 37 people. “Say Hello to my little friend!” he could be heard screaming as he peppered the bus with bullets. He did get deported once from the U.S. But no problem! He just came right back across the border. Several times back and forth over the last couple of years authorities believe. And he had set up house right here in a quiet Houston neighborhood. Now isn’t that special?
Seems like we had a little break during the Christmas 2006 season but just prior to that in September 06 we lost one of our finest HPD Officers. Officer Rodney Johnson was gunned down by none other than? You guessed it an illegal alien. Five bullets in the back for Officer Johnson who left behind a wife and 5 children. Enough said.
Then there was the Rev. William Huang. [please visit his site-I believe his daughter put it together [leave her condolences] Pastor of a Local Church, loving Father and Husband. March 2006. Hacked to death by a machete wielding – you guessed it another illegal alien! Why? Pastor Huang also owned a small seafood shop in north Houston to help support his family and church. He had employed the estranged wife of illegal alien Leon Andrade. Andrade had a long criminal record and a history of violence. He’d been picked up and jailed several times. Yet he was prowling the streets of Houston, Texas — free as a bird. Go figure! Andrade came to the Seafood shop to whip up on his wife. Rev. Huang tried to intervene and talk Andrade out of it. Andrade pulled out his machete, chased the good Reverend out and down an alley, hacking at him all the time. Finally hacking him to death.
At this point, as I’m writing this I find I must stop and calm myself down. I am seething with rage. If you are any sort of decent person I know you must be feeling the same. With the exception of a few, most Politicians and Judges on the Bench are incapable of these sorts of compassion’s or concerns for the common Middle American. They mouth phrases like Compassionate Conservatism. But they have no knowledge of compassion, caring or concern. They are whitewashed tombs, beautiful on the outside but on the inside full of dead men’s bones. They have come to think of themselves as god-like and on high, however, and it is their intentions to force us, Middle America, to fuse/coalesce with a culture that is almost completely opposite of ours. And they, looking down from Olympus, expect us to hand over to the hordes of ingrates, swarming across the southern border, what we and generations before us have worked so hard to build. Its not going to happen without a fight. The fight being verbal at this point in time.
Ok. Now you’ve had a chance to cool off a few moments. But you need to brace yourselves as I want you to visit some more, very disturbing, websites. Some good people have worked very hard to set up these websites and the information they have needs to be viewed. Especially for those that are not Houstonians or Texans and who believe that the border/illegal problem does not concern them. It may next be your loved one that gets mangled by one of these out of control maniacs. Please view these links:

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