Chante Moor'sWhen you think of Chante Moor what come to mind romance and classic Rhythm and Blues. Well Ms. Moor plans to give you that and more with her first solo CD in eight years “Love the Woman” is Chante Moor’s personal life observation. In a brief phone interview I had the pleasure to ask Mrs. Moor a few questions about her upcoming CD.

My initial question might not have been the best one, but nothing beats a failure but a try. I asked Ms. Moor when making this CD were you worried about what the music industry would think her reply was “I wasn’t worried about the music industry I wanted to reflect how women have matured and create music that would last.”

When asked what was her inspiration for the CD she said “well I’m a woman and women go through changes up’s downs highs low’s. I’ve been keeping a journal since the age of 12 I’ve always been introspective not in a selfish way but understanding what I felt and what was happening around me.”

During the conversation Ms. Moor mentioned how she wanted her music to be timeless or long lasting this led me to ask the question what do you consider timeless music. Ms. Moor replied “I appreciate Chaka Khan, Nancy Wilson, her voice is excellent, she is still performing her first hit song and Gladys Knight I‘ve seen her performance it is energetic. That is what I consider timeless.”

This was not your typical answer although all whom she mentioned are women we all listen to and admire. I could not end the interview without getting her thoughts on a few areas like what she thought of R&B today there was no hesitation with her answer “It’s not about love, it’s about sex there is no romance.”

My last question asked is there a message you are trying to send to the men. Yes women would like to be romanced for play begins when you wake up in the morning not just when you do what you do. Sometimes it doesn’t workout not because of her, but because of you.

If the CD is anything like the first song “Ain’t Supposed To Be This Way” we are in for not only music but a glimpse into a life story.

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