The Levity Project is a social movement with the mission of shifting the paradigm of negativity, stress, and pessimism in our society to one of play, laughter and celebration.Our vision is to create a society that is joyful and buoyant.To do this, The Levity Project engages in public acts of levity for the purpose of creating a positive social change.And we need YOU to come laugh, play and create social change with us!On November 7th, The Levity Project is looking for participants to engage in public laughter and play in downtown Chicago, IL at 11-1pm(meeting at 10:30am).   It is a free event which will involve a ride on a double-decker bus, wearing umbrella hats and gathering flash style in public places.The Levity project believes that when we bring the spirit of levity and buoyancy into ourselves in a public place, we create the ripple effect which extends to all who are present and to whomever they meet.As we change, the world around us changes.Complete your free registration to participate: For more info about The Levity Project:  http://www.thelevityproject.comWe promise this will be the highlight of your month!Contact Katie West-Founder of The Levity Project ,, (207) 239-8667

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