In the spring of 2001, while terrorists were planning the attack that would take the lives of 2,974 Americans, The mainstream media was out whoring for ratings, Print journalism and cable networks were devoting their resources to the mass perpetuation of a lie, creating a horse and pony show that destroyed a congressman’s career by linking him with the disappearance and murder of  Chandra Levy.

The want to remain relevant in an otherwise peaceful and prosperous post cold war era resulted in blurring the distinction between traditional reporting and reality entertainment. An amalgamation that diminished the credibility of traditional journalism and allowed the likes of Rupert Murdoch the opportunity to dominate, distort and influence how Americans came to perceive the events of 9-11 and the nations response to what was essentially a crime of mass murder rather than an act of war. Eight years after we first learned a young woman named Levy went missing, a few hundred terrorists in far off places who would have posed minimum risk provided we responded with appropriate international law enforcement have become thousands nourished by the Bush doctrine to such strength they now negotiate with nuclear Pakistan for territory.
This week the parents of Chandra Levy learned the man who brutally took their child will be charged. Eight years after their loss they can finally lay claim to some small satisfaction and closure in knowledge the individual responsible is going to face justice. The thousands of parents who lost children on the battlefield of a made up war will be waiting a bit longer to discover if the people to blame for their loss will face justice. At a pivotal point in the Nation’s history, when we needed Woodward and Bernstein we got Hannity and O’Reily. Mainstream media abdicated its primary responsibility and choose to focus on getting its share of the revenue generated by the public’s insatiable lust for scandal, gossip and fluff. As the fourth estate became vacant 20 or so members of Al Qaeda were fanning out across the country and George Bush was relaxing at the ranch in Crawford, ignoring urgent national security memos with titles like Bin Laden is determined to Strike the U.S.

Over at the Justice Department, the prestigious alumni of Pat Robertson’s bible law and typewriter repair academy under the direction of John Ashcroft were redirecting crucial resources from counter terrorism to places like New Orleans to keep an eye on prostitutes and infiltrating clinics in California that dispensed medical marijuana to ease the suffering of those with cancer. The same press which failed to notice much less report on serious events that were unfolding eight years ago, has lately taken to mocking the blog-o-sphere and citizen journalists and is even attempting to have congress regulate who may call themselves a reporter or journalist.
The print and cable reporters who were consumed with getting a one up on others exploiting the Levy story. Were the same ones who ignored Donald Rumsfeld two days prior to 9-11 when he warned the Senate the administration would veto any attempt to divert funding for star wars to counter terrorism. The obsession over congressman Condit and Levy by the press came despite the fact there’d never been any evidence against Condit and the media knew he was never a suspect. Even the prestigious Washington Post joined the fray by publishing an article alleging Condit had seduced a teenage girl years earlier based on the recollections of the girl’s father, who confessed afterward he made up the entire story.

Media coverage of the abduction and slaying of Chandra Levy marked the beginning of the cheer-leading role traditional journalism and reporting would assume in the aftermath of 9-11 and subsequent manipulation by the Bush administration of fact and truth that lead up to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

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