ChaCha, Chinese for SearchSearch, is a new and innovative search engine. It allows users to search traditionally, but it also gives users the option of connecting with a real live guide. If a user is having a hard time finding something on the web, the guide assistant, who is typically familiar with your search topic, will look up sites containing the information that you are looking for. was created by Scott A. Jones, who is an inventor and entrepreneur, and with Brad Bostic, the chairman for Bostech Corporation. ChaCha is based in the United States, residing in Indiana. is currently in the Alpha stage of testing, but is already proving to have very successful results. ChaCha isn’t just a good search engine, it’s also a good way to make some extra cash while you surf the web. There isn’t a start up fee to become a guide. You don’t get paid during your training, but the training period does not last long, and you will be earning in no time. There isn’t a schedule, you work when you want to work and for however long you wish. Elite status guides can make $10 per hour of search time, and earn 10% of what their network earns.

Next time you get lost in pages and pages of irrelevant websites, try asking a real live search assistant to find it for you at

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