Earlier this month, I blogged about the Certegy data breach, where a not very HONEST employee got caught selling information to an unidentified data-broker. Certegy was quick to assure the public that none of this information would be used to commit fraud because it was being used by “legitimate marketing firms.”

Now the number of records (people compromised) has risen significantly after Certegy filed a report with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Tampa Bay Business Journal Reports:

An ongoing investigation has determined that about 8.5 million consumer records were stolen, according to a July 25 Securities and Exchange Commission filing by Fidelity National Information Services Inc. (NYSE: FIS), the Jacksonville-based parent company of St. Petersburg-based Certegy.

According to Fidelity, Certegy’s parent company the investigation is continuing and this number could grow.

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollom listed some useful information for victims in a press release, which said:

For more information, consumers may call Certegy at 866-498-9916 or may visit their website at http://www.certegy.com. Affected consumers are encouraged to take the precautionary steps outlined in the Certegy letter, including obtaining a free fraud alert from one of the credit reporting agencies. Furthermore, if consumers believe at any time they are victims of identity theft, they should report this to the police and request that the national credit bureaus place a fraud alert on their credit reports. Consumers should also notify banks and creditors involved of questionable charges or accounts, keep records of all telephone calls and follow up in writing with credit bureaus, banks and creditors.

If you received a letter from Certegy and you continue to receive marketing calls that you suspect result from this data breach, please report this activity to the Attorney General’s Citizens Services Hotline at 1-866-9-No SCAM (1-866-966-7226). Additional information about protecting yourself from identity theft is available online at http://www.myfloridalegal.com/identitytheft.

I’ve received a lot of comments on my original post, including some (anonymous) claiming their information was used for fraud. Unfortunately, I cannot verify this information, but someone with the e-mail address LPLong@Yahoo.com claims to be collecting victims to file a class action law suit.

My original post with comments, here.

Press release from Florida Attorney General (Bill McCollom), here.

Note this is probably the right place to verify information, if you receive a letter. If you believe you are fraud victim based on the Certegy breach, I would let them know about it, also.

Tampa Bay Business Journal article, here.

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