A report has been released by authorities that suggests that certain residents in Vermont could be at increased risk of developing the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma depending on where they live or have lived in the past. The report was released by the Vermont Department of Health.

According to the report residents that live within a ten mile radius of the former Belvedere Mountain Asbestos Mine are significantly more at risk of developing the cancer than residents living in other parts of Vermont. In fact, the report suggests that the risk could be twelve times higher for those living with this ten mile radius.

The study and report is at present a preliminary one, and is not backed up by any medical or test results on asbestos levels in residents that do living within this radius. However, asbestos related cancer has a very long latency period, and it can take decades to develop from the time of exposure.

A number of residents in the area have said that they remember asbestos dust and fibers being carried from the mine into the neighborhood, and that children would play around there with no idea of the dangers that asbestos exposure could pose.

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