Centrum by M. Daniel Elman

This deep adventure thriller with a historical fiction flare. tantalizes the senses and examines the soul. In this book we have three main characters, a French boy, Raoul, a Flemish girl, Magda and an American student, Fred. None of them knew each other and none of them were connected, at least by any means they knew about. One day they would meet and realize their clandestine connections. The setting is around World War II and the terrible years after leading up to the International Exposition of 1958. This book is an excellent demonstration of how individual choices can affect people a whole continent away.

This book was a delight to read for me. I loved to read it and its really easy to connect with the dynamic characters. The plot is rich and easy to follow. Surprisingly enough, one would think that over 4 indivdual plots, characters and ideas would be hard to follow and hard to coordinate but this writer does it masterfully!

Mr. Elman lives and writes in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. This novel is inspired by his travels around Europe and his studies in the 1950’s. He originally wrote this book during his travels and studies and it sat in his basement for 50 years until its current publication.

Truly a joy you can buy the book here

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