Paraben Corporation, a digital forensic technology provider, has announced a new product, The CSI Stick. This is a thumb drive size device that forensically acquires data from cell phones. Just plug it in and it will suck out all of the data contained in it. You can then analyze it at your leisure. It has a one button operation and comes equiped to handle hundreds of different cell phone models.

This should be a real boon to identity thieves and other miscreants. And with a retail price of $199 it is hardly expensive. While Paraben Corp talk endlessly about the devices use within street level law enforcement, how long before they start popping up on eBay?

For the criminal this little device is the ‘Cats Meow’, it takes a non-destructive copy of all of the data held in the phone. How many times to you see cell phones left unattended? Just plug the drive in, and by the time the owner returns from the rest-room you have all the goods on them!

Paraben must be out of their minds! At least make the device the size of a shoebox, and put the price at $1000 to deter the criminal element.

This little device allows for one stop shopping. To quote the press release

The CSI Stick supports 330 models of Motorola and Samsung phones and is supplied with three adapters for the different connections. Other adapters for popular cell phones will be released later this year increasing the number of models that the CSI Stick will support with LG and Nokia support already in development.

Absolutely insane is all I have to say!

Simon Barrett

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