Ween might not be for everyone. Out of curiosity I checked Wikipedia, that well known source of misinformation. They likened Ween to Syd Barrett on one of his off days. I liked that definition. It certainly sums them up quite well.

I feel many musicians are hindered by their classical training, that is not the case with Ween. This is your original garage band, it isn’t clear to me if they actually know any chords whatsoever, but they sure have fun doing what they do. For that reason alone they score high marks with me. I love to watch bands that don’t take themselves too seriously. Ween just go out there and have fun.

Usually bands like this are labeled punk, Ween are not punk, I am not sure quite what they are, I guess I would call them Rock gone awry. Rock with an attitude. Maybe even Rock on steroids!

This curious set of CD and DVD features footage and recordings from the early 90’s specifically a show that Ween put on at The Cats Cradle in Chapel Hill, NC.

The band itself consists of Gene and Dean Ween, backed up by a trusty Yamaha digital tape deck that produces the sometimes slightly out of sync drumming.

For a limited time only you can get this DVD/CD set bundled with a signed silkscreen poster. Snap this one up folks, Billboard material it is not, fun, it sure is! What makes this so special is that the video work matches the music. I am guessing that it was done by a couple of their buddies with camcorders from Best Buy. This is just a must have CD/DVD, this is music in its rawest form. Two scraggly T-shirted young misfits creating a cacophony of noise! I love it!

You can get your copy here Oh, and you can sample Ween on the site. If you have a music lover in your family grab a copy as a Christmas present, but make sure you are present when they pop in in the DVD player. I will bet the expression on their face will be priceless. Alas my wife was in the room while I was listening to it, otherwise I was going to re-gift it to her! She is a big country music fan, and I am sure that she would have loved Ween as a special xmas present.

Simon Barrett


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