the-best-of-bond-james-bond-cd-cover-art.jpgI am sure that if you were to randomly ask people what is the most successful movie franchise of all time, many would say Star Wars, or Star Trek, and yes they were huge successes, but that is not the correct answer. It is Ian Flemming’s James Bond. There have been 22 official movies and two unofficial ones to date, the next one Quantum Of Solace is releasing in England in a few days, and slated for a November release here in the US.

Bond has been with us for 46 years, the lead men have come and gone, but the premise has remained the same. Bond is a smooth operator, he has the best cars, the prettiest women, and the ultimate in gadgetry to dispatch the bad guys.

That is the Bond franchise at face value. When you peek under the hood of this much valued and loved cinematic series you find nothing but first class. The stunts and stunt men are nothing short of breath taking, and performed in a fashion that reality and fantasy meld into one. The cinematography is also of the highest quality. Using only the best equipment and operators. This latest movie uses what in my opinion are the worlds most advanced cameras, the DALSA 4K, you don’t buy them, you rent them for a reputed $5,000 per day!

One area that is often overlooked by Bond fans is the music. With 22, soon to be 23 movies there is an absolute wealth of great music associated with them. Unfortunately it is such a daunting task to watch 22 movies back to back, that few people get to appreciate the richness and topicality of the title tracks. Capitol/EMI is about to fix that problem with the release of The Best Of Bond…James Bond CD/DVD and digital out on October 28th.

Bond movies have very much been a bell weather of popular music. They tend not to feature the current top 10 band or singer, but rather people who are influential in the music industry, and people with heart and soul. The CD and digital album both feature 23 musical standouts from the Bond movie series plus a previously unreleased bonus track, five music videos, and a filmed concert performance. Over the years many influential musicians have been ‘bonded’.

The very early movies featured perennials such as Matt Monro, Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, and Louis Armstrong.

The 70’s saw a move to more cutting edge musicians. At this point I will say what I always say about the Beatles, and no doubt rile up thousands of readers in the process. The only one that had any real ability is Paul McCartney, and when he teamed with Linda and formed Wings, a truly awesome band was formed, and it was Wings that played the theme for Live And Let Die. Carley Simon entered center stage with Nobody Does It Better.

The list of great musicians goes on and on.

Just for you lovers of Bond music, I twisted some arms, and groveled a lot (it’s what us reviewers do!). The result, well I can give you a sneak peek into this DVD. Lets start with Duran Duran, they were featured in A View To A Kill.

And who didn’t love Tina Turner in Goldeneye?

The CD also has a bonus track, a previously unreleased arrangement of the Bond theme music, and while interesting just doesn’t seem to have the punchiness of the tried and true one. But,who knows, you might love it.

You can order your copy of The Best Of Bond…James Bond from Amazon

Simon Barrett

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