Although the regular version of this fine CD is still selling like wild fire, there is a new deluxe version out that contains not just the CD, but a DVD of some of the great songs. I really like this album, Paul McCartney is without doubt my favorite ex Fab Four member, and although it might annoy some people, I personally think that he is the only member of that group that actually had real talent.

Memory Almost Full is a great example of fine music composition, and fine lyrics. The DVD is a joy and contains some footage from a live concert in London, England performed in June 2007. Seven tracks are featured on the DVD, five from the live concert, and two studio videos. I was very happy to find that my personal favorite song from Memory Almost Full gets double billing. The wonderfully melodic Dance Tonight is shown as both the live concert version, and included as a bonus is the promo video. There is even a touch of the old stuff, Drive My Car. Even if you already have the original album, this is an offering that you will want to pick up.

As my wife will attest to, I am a huge tease, so here is a tease for you, Ever Present Past and Nod Your Head. See, I wasn’t kidding, you need this in your collection.

You can find Memory Almost Full – The Deluxe Edition in music stores everywhere or online here.

Simon Barrett

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