genesis-cover-art.jpgI have been a long time fan of Genesis, in fact recently I had the great pleasure of reviewing a DVD of Genesis Live In Rome. These guys were highly professional, and had what in my opinion was the most awesome light show I have ever seen. That is Genesis now, but what about Genesis in the early years?

I don’t class myself as an expert in music, but I do listen to more music than the average person. I have a great love for the music of the 70’s, in my mind it was a pivotal decade, and a decade that has produced many bands and musicians that are still alive and playing today.

genesis2.jpgRegardless of the decade that a band formed in, there is what I call the formative years, and for Genesis it was the period 1970-1975. Phil Collins was very much in the background, it was Peter Gabriel that was the creative force. The band during the early 70’s were very much part of the Prog Rock movement, although for me, they were never at the leading edge of the movement. Five Albums were released during this period, Trespass, Nursery Cryme, Foxtrot, Selling England By The Pound, and The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.

Today, when you say the name Phil Collins it is synonymous with Genesis, few people do not know his voice and his rather bald head. Back in the 70’s he was not the front man for the band, but the drummer, he even had hair back in those days, as you can see in this picture.


This new box set contains 7 CD’s and 5 DVD’s and contains all of the albums, plus a host of bonus material.

This is an absolute must have for any Genesis fan, and anyone that loves Prog Rock from the 70’s. You can get a taste of Genesis during this era with this fabulous video of I Know What I Like In Your Wardrobe.

Genesis 1970-1975 Box Set is available from Rhino.

Simon Barrett

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