The Blackmore is Ritchie Blackmore, remember him? I’ll give you a clue, Deep Purple. Ah, I hear you say. yes its the same guy! The Night is Candice Night, and together with their band they are Blackmore’s Night.

Ritchie has changed a lot since his heavy rock Deep Purple days, in fact you would not recognize his music style. Blackmore’s Night is the epitome of the electric folk scene. Watching them perform brought back memories of Steeleye Span and Fairport Convention from the mid 70’s. For those of you not familiar with the style, it is taking old folk songs and often old instruments and adding a modern twist, or writing a brand new song and adding an older feel to it.

Ritchie’s great guitar playing combined with Candice Night’s great vocals lead to a winning combination. The DVD was recorded live in Paris, and is a treat. If I have one complaint, it is that it is far too short! It is only 128 minutes and features 20 songs.

In my opinion Blackmore’s Night is most eloquently displayed in the very first track, Past Times With Good Company. This single song encompasses so much of their collective talent. The rhythm has a distinctively middle age, and Middle Eastern feel to it, yet in the same breath it is fresh and new.

Ariel (track 15) is a curious mixture, in the intro there are definitely shades of Deep Purple, and the guitar is subtle, but the style lasts throughout the track.

For a ‘try before you buy’, Village lantern is available as a streaming video, alas it is only available in Quicktime format.

This is a must have item for your collection. You can get your copy here. They also have a couple of online spots, a web site and also a MySpace page.

Simon Barrett

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