One of the joys of being a reviewer is that you never know what is going to end up in the mailbox. Having just moved to a sleepy town in the middle of Mississippi, I am sure that the neighbors are already talking about the large number of packages that arrive via the various delivery services!

Today a really fun little one hit my radar.jock-at-folsom046_d_firefall1.jpg

The 70’s were for the most past a musical blur. I watched in increasing horror as great music became replaced by three chord garage bands. It was a tough scene for anyone with any musical ability. As Keith Emerson of ELP told me “Hell, we just left the country, we went into tax exile in the Med”, or Al Stewart, “I went on a US tour, Year Of The Cat was climbing the Billboard charts, and doing nothing back home in England, so I just stayed here”.

Firefall were musically very accomplished, yet did not get much of the recognition that they richly deserved. I think it is delightful that they have stuck in there. Even better, some of the original founders have returned to produce a wonderful single, Walk More Softly.

What could be more timely than a song talking about our abuse of the most valuable resource we have, the Earth?

Walk more softly on the Earth
Walk more softly on this planet

Done in a classic 70’s style, this is a song that is infectious, and so timely. Global warming, and abuse of our little blue green world has become a subject that we all need to understand, and do something about.

I am going to see if I can get a legal download link, this tune is too good to miss.

UPDATE: My word, I had not even published this review, but I just heard that Walk Me Softly is available for everyone to listen to on the bands web site Damn, I must be an influential guy 🙂

Simon Barrett

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