I would be telling a lie to say why I decided to review this single if I came up with some convoluted story. I am awash in unopened CD’s. So what makes this one stand out? Why would I listen to this rather than one of the others? I had never heard of Jaime Michaels until reading a press release.

When you are rich it is easy to be generous, when you are poor generosity seems out of your grasp. However that is not so, everyone can be generous if you share your talents. Jaime Michaels has decided to give rather than take.

Black River is just one song, but all profits are headed to the people trying to recover their lives from the Deep Horizon BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

In my small way, I am happy to support Jaime Michaels. Like him, I do not have $millions to throw at the disaster. Oh, and it is a disaster! Just because the news orgs like CNN have stopped reporting on the subject does not mean that the problem has gone away.

Everyone can help in the quest bring the Gulf back to the wonder-world it was before the BP Black River happened.

Jaime is not a a Gulf resident, he calls New Mexico home. But my hat goes off to this man! The world needs more Jaime Michaels!

Oh, I suppose I really should talk a little about the song 🙂

There is no doubt that Jaime Michaels has his roots firmly in the folk world. I tried a ‘blind taste test’ on my wife. I asked her a question that would make no sense to anyone else, Honey is this Al or Toke? Now my wife is a pretty astute lady, she thought about it for half a nano second and said, “nope, I haven’t heard you on the phone with either of them recently, so I don’t think it is Al or Toke”.

Busted again! But this pretty little song could have come from Al Stewart or Tokyo Rosenthal, the wordsmithing, music, and guitar work were so good that only my wife could find the chink in my armor!

I really like Black River, and I do hope that you will take a few moments to visit Jaime Michaels web page. Best of all, you can watch a video of him playing Black River for free. I do hope that you like it enough to want to pay the small amount asked to get your own copy.

My network tells me that Jaime Michaels is about to release a full CD. I can’t wait.

I’ll publish the details when I have them.

All I can say to Jaime is:

my father’s grandfather wouldn’t recognize this place

i stand here on his shore, tears running down my face

I’ve got this feeling in my heart

between forgiveness and a sin

my children take my trembling hands

and the tides keep rolling in

Pretty song, climb on board!

Simon Barrett

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