What a Heart Is Beating ForAfter almost twenty years in the musical arena, Chris Rice only a few years ago made the leap from a popular Christian mainstay to a mainstream adult contemporary performer. Following up his well-received mainstream release Amusing, Rice’s new album What a Heart is Beating For is a mixture of love songs, poppy up-beat tunes and hints of his previous Christian work.

The strongest songs come early with the eternally optimistic “So Much For My Sad Song” and the gentle “Pardon My Dust” providing opposite ends of Rice’s musical spectrum. In the former Rice ostensibly sets out to write a sad song only to find that it’s too nice of a day to think negatively, while the latter serves to remind people to cut each other some slack as we’re all works in progress.

Rice’s vocals are powerful and expressive, his music is catchy and his lyrics are decidedly accessible. Even when his preaching method is a bit overdone, as with the awkwardly written “Sneakin’ Into Heaven” and the overly dramatic and literal “Tell Me the Story Again,” his message is decidedly well-intentioned and pleasant. Though now a mainstream artist, Rice is most likely still playing mainly for his core audience, but people from any background should be able to enjoy these soft-pop tunes.

Zach’s Rating: B
Perfect For: Relaxing on a Sunday afternoon
Stay Away if: You don’t want to hear about God’s clay creations

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