I have to concur with Rolling Stone writer David Fricke that Wax – Melted was unquestionably the best ‘new’ old recording released in 2010. Actually David Fricke did make a slight mistake,  this album was never previously released. The tracks were recorded in 1971, however financial problems encountered by the record label prevented the release. It also led to the break up of the band, albeit in a very amicable fashion.

The master tapes resurfaced in 2009, former Wax managers  John Kalodner and Bill Sisca discovered them. Excitement grew when an old friend of the band Arnie Holland offered to release the material on his Lightyear Entertainment label. The members of Wax had all taken new career directions, but the idea of a piece of history making it to market 40 years later had everyone in great spirits. The exuberance though was short lived. Less than a year after the initial find, bassist Beau Jones lost his battle with brain cancer.

Wax – Melted took on a new meaning, one that I have nothing but respect for. Wax – Melted was no longer just a piece of nostalgia, it became a project to honor their lost friend. The remaining members even joined together for a memorial concert for their fallen comrade.

Wax was the hottest damn band in Philly in the late 60’s. The band consisted of Rick Chertoff on drums, he has since become a world class Grammy nominated producer . David Kagan Lead Vocals, David went on to create the band Baby Grand and has been a force in the music industry. Rick Levy on guitars. Rick in some respects is an anathema, his musical abilities have led him into working with many well known bands, playing, managing, and musical direction. Yet prying his accomplishments out of him is akin to getting a two year old to eat his green veg! He is a very unassuming and genuinely nice guy. Beau Jones played bass. Beau I know little about, I do not know what direction he went in after Wax.

OK, enough of the background story, lets talk music!  The musical influences are wide and varied. It is hard to pick a genre, there are some elements of R&B, there is most definitely cutting edge rock, and a very good dose of Prog.

It was the prog aspect that I gravitated to. Well it is my favorite! Prog takes many forms, while Wax may not have had the electronic toys of the age, the Moogs and Melotrons, or the wave generators and Theremins, they created a wonderful prog feel.

Track two – Things she likes To Do is so reminiscent of  Peter Hammill during his Van De Graff Generator days. That will get all you prog geeks headed for Google 🙂

Track six –  Evil Humor on the other hand takes a very different direction. Robin Hyman switches from what I am guessing was a straight electric piano to a more progish organ (maybe a Hammond)? The opening bars reminded me of Keith Emerson on ELP’s great early album Tarkus.

Track three – On And On takes the listener on a journey of adventure that any rock lover will want on their iThing.

Wax – Melted is nothing short of a timeless gem.

What the future holds for Wax remains to be seen. I for one hope that with the interest that Wax – Melted has created, well lets face it, getting mentioned by Simon Barrett may be good for the ego, but getting mentioned by Rolling Stone is a whole different ball of WAX 🙂

I did talk with Rick Levy today, and the fame has not gone to his head, he assured me that I didn’t need to call him Mr Levy, and he had no plans to install a staff of gatekeepers to keep the paparazzi away!

Wax – Melted should be in everyones collection, you can use the Amazon link to order your copy.

Simon Barrett

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