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Curved Air Founding Member & Legendary Violinist Darryl Way to Release First Ever Rock Version of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – Out Now!

Almost 50 years after the creation of his classic rock anthem Vivaldi, Curved Air’s trail blazing violinist Darryl Way, has arranged and recorded the whole of Vivaldi’s masterpiece The Four Seasons and given it the same ‘rock’ treatment.

Way said of the project: “You cannot improve upon perfection, which the Four Seasons undoubtedly is, but I felt that the Four Seasons, a piece that has been a seminal influence in my life, would be fertile ground for a reinterpretation. Having said that, I have not changed any of the notes, except in some of the slow movements, where it is generally accepted that the written notes can be embellished. I have just added to the mix, rock instrumentation and rhythms, synth textures and in the slow movements, some chill out beats.”

The album is entitled Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in Rock and is released on the 4th of May 2018 via Cherry Red Records.

“I already had a good idea that a rock arrangement could work with Vivaldi’s music, from my work on the Curved Air track ‘Vivaldi’. The challenge was, to maintain Vivaldi’s original concept of the piece and tell the same story. Whether I have risen to that challenge is not for me to say, but if you were a fan of my Curved Air track ‘Vivaldi’, there’s a good chance you’re going to like this as well.”  

Curved Air was without doubt a revolutionary 70’s band. The concept of combining an awesome violinist (Darryl Way) with an up and coming folk singer (Sonja Kristina) and creating a Prog Rock band was sheer genius.

Darryl Way has out done himself in this new CD. Who doesn’t like Vivaldi’s Four Seasons? It is a fabulous piece of music. I am sat on my back deck, speakers ‘cranked’ enjoying every note. I am waiting for someone to complain that they can’t hear their Country Music because of the din!

No Orchestra was harmed in the making of this music, this is entirely Darryl, his violin and his ‘gizmos’.

Is it rock? No, but it is a version of some great composing that can be enjoyed by both Classical fans and those looking for a more contemporary reinvention.

It gets high marks from me.

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