The Story Thought OverIt’s evident by a brief listen to the radio, or a quick scan of MTV, that punk-pop is alive and kicking. Or alive and rocking, at least. And it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Verona Grove’s first release, The Story Thought Over, is a conglomeration of various punk-pop influences melded together into one solid lollipop of punk… with a gooey pop center.

With rapid-fire bittersweet and occasionally sarcastic lyrics reminiscent of the punk-pop angst and wit of Blink182 on tracks like “Smalltown Celebrity” and “Why Would You”, uplifting melodies and memorable choruses drawing from the likes of Jimmy Eat World, New Found Glory, Weezer, and American Hi-Fi (no surprise there considering guitarist Jamie Arentzen produced the record) on “Goodbye Surrender” and “No Words to Say”, and emotionally heavy - yet determinedly poppy – pinings on “Revolution”, The Story Thought Over threatens to burst onto the scene fast and furiously and then immediately fade into obscurity, ala SR-71 or Eve 6. Fortunately, Verona Grove has got enough drive, passion and variance in their work to proudly wear their influences on their sleeves and build on them, rather than suffering from a lack of individual vision.

“I’ve got nothing to prove to anyone / I haven’t got much but I’m getting somewhere.” Verona Grove claims on the track “I Haven’t Got Much (But I’m Getting Somewhere).” Though no one will accuse them of being terribly original, they’re also not a simple throwback to music history. The Story Thought Over flows smoothly from track to track, kicking off fast with the quick opening drum beats of “Broadcast the News”. Lead singer Tony Anders’ endearing vocals, similar to New Found Glory’s Jordan Pundik, push the music steadily along as he proves over and over again that he’s got the vocal chops to carry an album. The music is exciting, the lyrics are better-than-average for the genre, and the hooks are infectious. If the first single, “Goodbye Surrender” gets picked up for radio play, Verona Grove could be on their way to being more than “Smalltown Celebrities.” 

Zach’s Rating: B
“Top 40” Rating: A-
Over 40 Rating: C-

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