I like music, mostly genre doesn’t matter, Classic, Punk, Prog, its all good! My only exceptions are Rap and Country, there are only so many words that rhyme with ‘Fu*k’ and only so many stories that can be told about pick up trucks and tumbling tumbleweeds.

A couple of days ago I received Uwe Gronau’s latest CD. When Every Word Was Singing. The press release (in part) said:

German keyboardist and composer Uwe Gronau, a favorite on the new age music scene, likes to mix things up musically.  His music ranges from new age to space, from jazzy to progressive-rock, from ambient or avant-garde to extremely melodic with pop sensibilities.  Much of his music is instrumental, but sometimes he sings.  He has been influenced by authors, mathematicians, philosophers, poets and painters in addition to musicians.  Sometimes his music is inspired by a look into the future, sometimes by a tree or the weather right in front of him serving at that moment as inspiration, and sometimes by remembrances of the past.  Like a pot of stew with many different ingredients, Gronau’s latest album, When Every Word Was Singing, is a delectable combination of flavors.

I don’t know a lot about New Age music, it mostly seems to involve burning incense, crystals, yoga, and cavorting naked in the woods on the Summer Solstice. With it being too cold to go to my office (the back deck) and not allowed TV privileges (the wife watching soap operas) I decided to take Uwe Gronau out for a spin.

He is a very talented musician. I really loved the title track, When Every Word As Singing, this track almost seems to have escaped from the Abba playbook. It is light, airy and just outright fun, even the lyrics follow suit.

Your mother was a girlfriend queen

Your father was a king


Later on the CD is another great track ‘Death Of A Matador’. This track could have been by Hawkwind without the LSD. I listened to it, but had no idea what the title might be. I looked at the track list and knew it had to be Death Of A Matador’, there is a very short series of chord changes that have a Spanish flavor.

All in all, I give this CD very high marks, it is well worth a listen.

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