UntraceableApart from the slightly upbeat and hopefully Forrest Gump-y finale “Kill With Me,” Christopher Young’s score for the Diane Lane thriller Untraceable is mostly filled with looming danger coupled with rising and falling action to the tune of quivering strings and plinking high notes.

In the fast-paced “Death After Life After Death,” Young sets up a clicking metronomic beat in the background and lets his tense string section go to work. Even when the beat stops and the light piano kicks in (a bit reminiscent of John Carpenter’s Halloween section) there’s still a palpable tension left over, that bleeds over into even the more subdued tracks like the following “Session Locked” and the later “Gouldylocks.”

Young’s extensive history as a film composer is evident in his work here, combining aspects of his horror background (Hellraiser, A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2, The Grudge) with tech-savvy suspense (Swordfish, Entrapment). On tracks like “Acid Decomposition” this blend of horror and suspense is most clear. The rhythmic bass line and the almost frantic high notes compete with each other in a seeming bid to escape.

The score doesn’t necessarily stand apart from other compositions in the same genre, but neither does the film. Young does good work here, though it’s unlikely to be touted as anything groundbreaking.

Zach’s Rating: B
Perfect For: A subdued blend of thrills and resolutions
Stay Away if: You’re looking for non-stop action
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