This is some classic Brit Punk. The CD actually comes from a session sponsored by the legendary Brit DJ John Peel in 1979. This not your regular punk fare, these guys are light years ahead of the run of the mill mosh pit crowd. They have style, they have rhythm, they have vocals, and they know how to use them all.

Transmitters has more members in it than the average NFL team has players, and they seem to just pop in and out at will. Certainly this is an exciting sound, much of it not sounding punk at all, maybe edgy Bowie would be a better description. The mainstays of the band seem to be Jim Chase on drums, and  Sam Dodson on Guitars, everyone else, and I count 12 of them in the credits seem to drift in and out as warranted.

This is an interesting album, and one worth investigating, you can get your own copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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