When I looked at this CD I had my doubts. Jazz from The Netherlands? That would be like Death Metal from Bourbon Street. Of course it is not quite the Jazz that we know. If there is such a genre as Prog Jazz these guys would fit right in.

Jasper Van’t Hof and his illustrious ensemble Pork Pie had a short, but illustrious career from 1973 till 1976.

Pork Pie consisted of Jasper Van’t Hof on keyboards, Philip Catherine  on guitar, Charlie Mariano saxophone, Aldo Romano on drums, and Jean-François Jenny Clark handling the bass.

Lets talk style, I mentioned Prog Jazz, what do I mean? Well, the musical structure is very different from traditional forms, in someways it is like one continuous featured solo. While this may not appeal to the average Jazz lover, it certainly showcases the great musical abilities of the performers.

Transitory is based on some studio tapes from 1974. This is some interesting stuff, and definitely on the cutting edge of the Jazz genre.

Did I like the album? Well, you know when you go to a concert and towards the end they band plays one song where the front man introduces each band member and that player gets his 30 seconds in the spotlight where he takes his instrument to places it really should not go? Transitory is an entire album of songs like that.

You can pick up your copy from Promising Music.

Simon Barrett


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