This CD caused a bit of a fight in the Barret household. When Jan saw me open the Fed-Ex envelope it was like a scene from professional wrestling! I have never seen my wife move so fast, “Give me that, Give me that right now”! So I handed her the Fed-Ex envelope. “Not that, you silly man, give me the CD”.

I don’t usually give marital advice in my reviews, I leave that up to my friend Ian Coburn, but I will say this, don’t get between a Cajun lady and a Toby Keith CD, you will get trampled.

So here we are, a few band-aids later, nothing seems to be broken, the damage is mostly superficial, and a few days of rest should see me as good as new.

Great musician, great entertainer, Toby Keith is on a par with the very best.

His career spans only three decades. yet his music spans an entire universe. My introduction to Toby was a music video, a video that will forever be ingrained in my mind “Beer For My Horses”. Many people have a ‘wedding’ song, the Barrett clan have a ‘hotel’ song, and it is ‘Beer For My Horses”.

Toby Keith is a trooper. He is a musician that cares about his country. He is currently enjoying the night life in Iraq, which apparently also includes mortar rounds! Most musicians are seasoned to dealing with the occasional heckler, even a bad sound system, but ‘incoming’ is not something I would want to experience.

This two CD set is a must have for any fan of this great singer. How do you like me now?, I asked my wife, she replied you Should Have been a cowboy. Later, in bed, when I asked her about her Ex she said He ain’t worth Missing, and then leaned over and told me A little less talk and a lot less action is what I need! When I explained it had been a long day she said You ain’t much fun.

I was so ticked off that I got out of bed to Get drunk and be somebody.

She’s a hottie so I tried to reconcile, but she explained that I was A little too late, and maybe I should tend to the animals. Now I don’t usually bring Beer For My Horses, and by the time I got to the stable I realized You Ain’t Much Fun. With limited choices, I decided to head into town, there is one spot that I like, all I can say is I Love This Bar.

If you are a Toby Keith fan you will want this CD in your collection. Not only is Toby a great musician, he is also a great human being. I admire greatly people that are willing to travel to the less savory parts of the world just to entertain our troops. Toby, when you read this review, my wife and I send you our very best wishes, and please keep up the great work!

You can get your copy from Amazon but you will have to wait till May 6.

Simon Barrett

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