I know little about Rhonda Mackert, she emerged on the music scene about 10 years ago with the release of her first album When The Moon Cries. Since then she has released several other albums. I do not know where she learned her craft, but clearly her teachers did a fabulous job.

I am a most unfair reviewer, I love to find a point of reference, a known work, how does a musician stack up? Yes, it is grossly unfair and I should be taken out back and beaten! Unfortunately I cannot give up the habit, it is more addictive than smoking. It did not take long to tack down the ‘point of reference’ in 2015 she released The Wonder Of Christmas, a collection of well known carols.

The problem I have with carols and hymns is that over the decades the music has been watered down (simplified) so any old hack can plonk it out on the out of tune upright piano on a Sunday morning.

Rhonda clearly is of a different breed that the Sunday ‘plonker’. Try this version of Silent Night, it is simple and pure, it is not over embellished, it is what it should be, a wonderful piece of music.

So, having passed my less than scientific study 😊 lets talk about Time Not Forgotten. It is a very fine piece of solo piano. I have listened to it several times. Each time I find some new piece of joy. There is no one track that stands out, they are all equally wonderful. So, whats a reviewer to do? Simple, pick the track with the best name….

That honor goes to ‘Dreaming Of Sedona’.

This is a wonderful album, you can order it from the Amazon link at the top, of through Rhonda’s web site.

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