This is a curious little release, I am guessing that it is aimed at the ‘dance’ crowd. It is clearly very digital, yet it also does have some actual music behind it. I know very little about Tiger Stripes, and Googling them revealed very little of substance. And I have to admit that I found that odd, even the local garage bands have a web site.

I will give them high marks for creativity within the ‘dance’ genre, they at least make an attempt to produce a story line above the relentless and obviously digitally created Thump Thump rhythm.

This genre of music is great to have thumping out of big amps and even bigger speakers in a small crowded room, but may not work quite as well for listening at home.

If you are a DJ you likely would want this in your collection, if you are a fan of Country or Rock n Roll you will be running for the hills!

From a technical viewpoint Tiger Stripes have done a great job, I can not fault the production, or the infectious rhythms that are used. The layering of an actual tune over the beat is actually quite innovative, and a line that many in this genre forget to include.

You can pick up your copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett 

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