I have to admit that generally speaking I class remixes to be right up there with Vogon poetry (Douglas Adams HHGTTG, for you heathens that didn’t get the reference), about 2 minutes of remix and I am about ready to disembowel myself with a plastic butter knife!

Studio Apartment are different, they remix in order to enhance the original, and are exceedingly good at it. The Rising Sun is an immensely listenable CD, one that has a life outside of some seedy dance club. This is a CD that you can pop on your player at home and enjoy.

The album contains remixed versions of Kerri Chandler, Eric Kupper, Blaze, Quentin Harris, Sole Channel, Nulife, the #1 smash, I’m In Love featuring Ron Carroll, remixed by Rasmus Faber, plus 2 previously unreleased tracks, Evolution and Justifiable.

Studio Apartment are one of Japan’s biggest house music exports and are highly respected amongst the soulful house music community in the US and Europe.

This is a remix that is worth exploring, it is not what you would expect, it is light and airy, keeping the original musical intent intact while adding a subtle layer of rhythm that the dance club crowd like.

You can order your copy of Studio Apartment The Rising Sun from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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