It is not often that a CD fits your lifestyle, or life situation, but this one certainly worked for me. Having just spent the last few weeks trying to pack up 6 years of ‘stuff’ and move it 2000 miles, I know lots about cardboard boxes, and the title track had me hooked. Being a reviewer usually means that I watch or listen to something once only. This CD though is so moreish that it has been on the player at least a dozen times. In fact it is on right now, my poor wife is going insane with listening to it, I may well have to atone for this transgression by taking her to Wal-Mart!

Boxes full of Armageddon, boxes full of death
Boxes sitting in my doorway, boxes someone left

With an opening track with those lines, whats not to like?

Track two takes us to new highs

I love the rabbits and the rabbits love me

I was hooked from the first track. The Residents are hard to pin down on a genre, they play in an arena that I have not found before. Part punk, part techno, yet part something else. Part serious musicians, yet pranksters at the same time.

I normally like to include some information about the band I am reviewing, but that seems to be a bit of a challenge with The Residents. The do not apparently talk to anyone, in fact it is not really clear who even plays in the band.

Actually it matters not, who is in the band. They are an awesome group and I cannot recommend this CD enough. They also boast a delightfully cryptic web site which is well worth a visit.

You can get your copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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