Joe Queer and the boys are at it again! I really liked Munki Brain, so I was pretty eager to listen to this live concert from the legendary but now defunct CBGB in New York City. Somehow it seems fitting, with Hilly Kristal passing away, CBGB just would not be the same. This CD is being sponsored by Music Video Distributors (MVD) and a portion of the sales revenue is being donated to the Hilly Kristal Foundation.

The Queers are an infectious high energy punk band, and I’ll bet they put on a great show. They are not at the extreme end of the punk meter which gives them a pretty broad appeal.

Joe King (A.K.A. Joe Queer) is no newcomer to the music scene, The Queers started life in 1982, and although they have had their ups and downs, and band member changes over the years, they have very much stayed true in their sound. I guess if I had to compare them to a band, I would likely pick The Ramones.

I think the current line-up of the band is Joe Queer (Guitar/Vocals), Dangerous Dave (Guitar), Ben Vermin (Bass), and Matt Drastic (Drums). You have to love the names!

Great CD, this will shake the cobwebs out of your brain! OH, and if you have kids around you may want to keep the Jewel case hidden, some of the song titles are a little ripe for young eyes.

You can pick up your copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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